Definition of "brachiate" []

  • Zoology Having arms or armlike appendages. (adjective)
  • To move by swinging with the arms from one hold to another, as certain apes do. (verb-intransitive)

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Use "brachiate" in a sentence
  • "Kitty has promised her 11-year-old daughter, Marina, money toward her Girl Scout camping trip if she will teach her brother how to “brachiate.”"
  • "So, did you walk to this party or did you brachiate?"
  • "Around the circular pit were crowded all the races of Garden, or rather, all those races which had not been ex¬≠terminated resisting the evil Wizards: the hooded Druids, brachiate tree dwellers from the Great Forest, a band of fuzzies in their bright orange robes, many lizard soldiers hissing and laughing and shouting, stubby little Marsh Folk, and hundreds of mutants."