Definition of "all-or-none" [all-or-none]

  • (adjective) Characterized by either a complete response or by a total lack of response or effect, as in neurological action above a threshold: "Nerve impulses follow the All or None Law—that is, a nerve impulse generated by a weak stimulus is just as strong as one generated by a strong stimulus” ( Fundamentals of Biology).

Use "all-or-none" in a sentence

  • "CONS: Early volumes have problems with jarring perspective changes; Worldbuilding often uses infodumping rather than in-narrative elements; The story isn't well segmented into individual novels, leaving readers with an all-or-none decision."
  • "If this is not an all-or-none group, the explanation should be interesting."
  • "NuStar's benefits are generous even within the well-paying energy sector: The petroleum and asphalt transportation and storage company has a no-layoff policy, has an all-or-none bonus policy and offers use of the corporate jet for emergencies."

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