Definition of "aback" [a•back•ab•ack]

  • (adverb) By surprise: He was taken aback by her caustic remarks.
  • (adverb) Nautical In such a way that the wind pushes against the forward side of a sail or sails.
  • (adverb) Archaic Back; backward.
  • (adverb) towards the back; backwards

Use "aback" in a sentence

  • "As I read your stories and especially your friends who so generously comment I am taken aback (is aback a word?) by the generous sharing of wisdom you receive from your friends at French-Word-A-Day."
  • "Hillary grew up in this culture, so yes she was taken "aback" by these comments; you, others, and obama being so shallow minded and dismissive of someones culture and values is ignorant. obama will never be President."
  • "The richness and elegance of the church took me all "aback;" it was so entirely different from anything I had seen, that it was difficult to decide whether I was most charmed by its novelty or its beauty."

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