Definition of "aa" [aa]

  • (noun) Lava having a rough surface.
  • (noun) a volcanic rock consisting of angular blocks of lava with a very rough surface

Use "aa" in a sentence

  • "Well, in Norwegian aa - å, and is sorted last, while in English aa are just double a and comes before ab."
  • "The three companies of the 16th Battalion camped in aa triangular formation with battalion headquarters located in the center and approximately 10 minutes 'walk from each company."
  • "Worse, with more than two copies of some genes, each as likely as the next to have SNPs, some of those no doubt resulting in aa substitutions, a few of which may present alternative binding functionality in configurative operation, any or all modifiable post-translation, each coordinated with potentially operative expression suites with a number of other genes with other forms and functions, it doesn't look much like we'll ever be able to pin all THAT down either."

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