Definition of "a" [a]

  • (noun) The first letter of the modern English alphabet.
  • (noun) Any of the speech sounds represented by the letter a.
  • (noun) The first in a series.
  • (noun) Something shaped like the letter A.
  • (noun) The best or highest in quality or rank: grade A milk.
  • (noun) the first letter and first vowel of the modern English alphabet
  • (noun) any of several speech sounds represented by this letter, in English as in take, bag, calm, shortage, or cobra
  • (noun) the first in a series, esp the highest grade or mark, as in an examination

Use "a" in a sentence

  • "Not that it makes it any better, but I'm pretty sure the 'big a*& cake' is a riff on a chain a prominent rapper wore, with a medallion that had ' big a#$ chain'."
  • "So, having argued for a second root for sit that was *es- (which they relate to Sanskrit a:s-, Avestan a:s-/a:h-, Hittite eš-, and Greek he:stai 'sits'), they then suggest a connection to Hurrian ašš- and Urartean aš-, which then suggests a connection to Proto-Uralic *ase- (there should be an acute accent over the s)"
  • "For this reason the tube, TT ', is provided with a notch opposite the piece _a m l_, and the two arms, _a_ and _m_, of the latter are shaped like a V, as may be seen in part in the plan in Fig. 2."

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