Definition of "ðz" []

  • A digraph from the letters d and Z. (noun)
  • Voiced alveolar affricate (noun) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "ðz" in a sentence
  • "The dz is a rare sound in Hupa. only at the ends of words: mindich wildcat, kile: xich boy. g sounds like the g in English geese, but more lightly pronounced, almost like the k of key: chw is like English ch followed w as in inchworm. ne: whgit I am afraid, ¬ige: y pine squirrel."
  • "Finally, Zanes has also released two limited edition ukuleles-called the dz flea and the fiesta flea-and two picture books made in collaboration with his illustrator-musician brother-in-law, Donald Saaf (Little, Brown and Company Books)."
  • "A namespace resolver is then set on the XPath, allowing it to map the "dz" prefix to the"