Definition of "élite" []

  • A group or class of persons or a member of such a group or class, enjoying superior intellectual, social, or economic status: "In addition to notions of social equality there was much emphasis on the role of elites and of heroes within them” ( Times Literary Supplement). (noun)
  • The best or most skilled members of a group: the football team's elite. (noun)
  • A size of type on a typewriter, equal to 12 characters per linear inch. (noun)
  • The most powerful, rich, gifted, or educated members of a group, community, etc (noun)

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  • A typewriter type size having 12 characters to the inch (noun)
  • Of, relating to, or suitable for an elite; exclusive (adjective) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "élite" in a sentence
  • "There was a time, a dozen years ago, the term elite was carried with them quite a bit."
  • "But the term elite has not yet been plasticized into the absurd, and it still retains a certain connotation that can change depending on what we use it to modify."
  • "He resumed his criticism of the US media, a line popular with Republican audiences, and what he called the elite in New York and Washington."