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Definition of "*" [*]

  • The symbol for sal ammoniac. (noun)
  • A star. (noun)
  • Used at the beginning of a footnote, especially if it is the only one on the page, and after a word, phrase, or sentence that this footnote relates to. (noun)
  • Used in pairs around a word or phrase to indicate emphasis; especially, used in plain-text contexts to simulate italics or boldface. (noun)
  • Used before a term to denote that it is only hypothesized and not actually attested, conveying two distinct notions: (noun) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "*" in a sentence
  • "Man On Pink Corner said: "Hmm, for a ~3000-pound car at 86 MPH, the kinetic energy would be 0.5 * m * v*v = 0.5 * 1400 * 38 * ..." lummels said: "Yep, eliminating caps lock would be a great way to piss typographers off. ...""