The Most Common Mispronounced Words in the English Language


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It may be hard to believe there are certain words you’ve been pronouncing wrong your whole life, especially for an English and grammar nerd like yours truly. However, if you really inspect the words you write, you may see that a lot of them are spelled slightly different than the way you pronounce them.

And there are many words throughout history that were actually changed to fit the way people were pronouncing them.

Take the word “brid.” Did you think that said “bird?” If you did, that’s because many other people did too. The Guardian writer David Shariatmadari points out that some words in old English got the old switcheroo after being pronounced wrong for so long.

Perhaps that will eventually happen with the many words today we are mispronouncing, but perhaps not.

Maybe we should just learn to say them right? Nah.