Check Out These Abandoned Houses That Will Haunt Your Dreams


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terrify4 While most people run the other way when they come up to a house that looks abandoned and could be haunted, some people are adventurous (or crazy) enough to actually venture inside them. A photographer by the name of Seph Lawless is one of them.


Lawless was doing research for an upcoming project and stumbled upon something much eerier than he ever expected. He stumbled upon a number of different homes that were supposedly haunted, and then years later came back to investigate them further. In his further research, he discovered that most of these homes had some sort of tragic or scary background.  He decided it was a natural step to begin photographing these places and then publish them into a book called 13: An American Horror Story. And Lawless didn’t use Google to find these places, he simply traveled to different towns across the country and spoke to the locals to get the inside scoop. He decided to focus on homes with horrific history, including one in Kentucky where two parents committed suicide and left the children to fend for themselves. Check out the homes he visited and learn a bit about them.

1. The Haught Mansion in Michigan


Seph Lawless

After this brothel shut down in the 1940s, there were dead bodies discovered inside the basement of this eerie looking place.

2. The Sayer House in Kentucky


Seph Lawless

This was the aforementioned house in which the parents killed themselves and left their two children to fend for themselves.

3. The Bailey Mansion in Connecticut


Seph Lawless

Out of all the scary homes in the world, this was said to be the one that inspired the show American Horror Story.

4. The Caters Estate in New York


Seph Lawless

A local sheriff (named Caters) lived here and killed himself inside the walls of this house.

5. Robert Berdella’s Home in Ohio


Seph Lawless

This was the childhood home of the serial killer who earned the nickname “Kansas City Butcher,” who is said to have killed at least six men in the 1980s.

6.  A Home in Indiana


Seph Lawless

This home was filled with weird and creepy items, such as this realistic doll head that looks like it’s about to turn its head at any moment and stare you down.

7. Little Rock Mansion in Arkansas


Seph Lawless

Who left all that stuff on the floor?

8. Strattler Arms in Minnesota


Seph Lawless

Surrounded by decay and ruins, only one table remains standing in this home.

9. The Corey Estates in Pennsylvania


Seph Lawless

For some reason, the windows remain open in this frightening, bleak home.

10. The Pacers Mansion in Virginia


Seph Lawless

This home has been taken over by nature.

11. Ghost Row Houses in Alabama


Seph Lawless

This is a collection of homes that are just plain creepy altogether.

12. The Taylor Plantation Mansion in Louisiana


Seph Lawless

Some believe that the whole estate is haunted, due to the huge amounts of paranormal activity there.

13. The Bait Mansion in Michigan


Seph Lawless

Imagine being next door to this place?

14. The Temple Mansion in Michigan


Seph Lawless

In 1942, it was believed that three priests were killed in this home.
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