Creative Differences, Bad Behavior, and More: Celebrities Who Were Fired on Set


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celebrities fired on set

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When it comes to creating movies or a TV show, the overall vision of the project can vary from person to person. Between writers, directors, the producers funding it, and the actors playing the characters, creative differences are bound to happen. Most of the time these differences are simple and easily worked through. Other times, it’s not quite as easy. Then there are the not-so-innocent times when someone does something really, really bad and must be terminated from the project immediately. From drug and alcohol abuse to uncontrollable behavior on set, these celebrities fired on set remind us that even when you’re one of the most beloved actors in the world, things don’t always go how you plan.

Relive all of these Hollywood scandals of celebrities fired on set, and the cautionary tales that led to their abrupt terminations. Which of these celebrities deserved to be fired, and which ones were the victims of too much P.C. culture? Tell us in the comments!