Remembering the Biggest Draft Busts in NFL History


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biggest nfl draft busts

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When it comes to college players entering into the world of professional sports, it’s never a foregone conclusion that great college athletes will be great pros. In college, these players are far and away above their peers. They stand out because most of the players surrounding them aren’t professional material. But when they enter the pros, they are literally surrounded by the best of the best. When they enter a field with players just as good as they are for (probably) the first time in their lives, reality can settle in quickly, and once-promising players enter the conversation for biggest NFL draft busts in history.

Let’s revisit some of the league’s biggest flops from drafts of the past. These players were hyped as the best of their class, and many teams hoped these young men would become the building block to start a dynasty. But poor decisions, bad attitudes, and injuries plagued many of these players and their shining stardom was quickly extinguished. We’ll revisit the biggest NFL draft busts as well as the players teams passed up who turned into bonafide superstars in the league. What could have been if just one of these decisions had changed? We’ll never know, but it’s fun to think about! SHARE these biggest NFL draft busts with your football-loving friends!