25 Unbelievable Photos of Actors With Their Stunt Doubles


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Source: Hector Vallenilla/Pacific Coast News

Who doesn’t love going to the movies? There’s something special about going to the theatre, picking out a snack (AKA smuggling one in), and taking a seat in that big, dark room. Characters come to life right before you, almost like magic.

Part of the magic that we don’t see, though, is all of the work that stunt doubles put in. They’re the reason that we have our most action-packed, magic-filled, fantastic scenes in our favorite movies. They’re a huge part of the film, yet we don’t know who they are. Even more than that, stunt doubles put their lives on the line for our viewing pleasure. They deserve some recognition.

Check out these photos of actors with their body doubles so you can finally see the people (or super humans) behind your favorite scenes!