Huge Roles That Famous Actors Turned Down


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actors who turned down huge roles

Source: Lionsgate | Getty Images

There are certain Hollywood movies where the actor playing the role fits so perfectly that it’s difficult to imagine anybody else stepping in and delivering a performance as powerful. But choosing the right person for a role can be a difficult and capricious endeavor. There are times when an actor just isn’t the right fit. There are other times when the film studio pushes hard for an actor, but the actor refuses for any number of reasons, such as scheduling conflicts or because they fear the role will typecast them in the future.

What famous actors turned down or couldn’t participate in career-defining roles? Could you imagine Leonardo DiCaprio as the American Psycho? What about Johnny Depp playing Ferris Bueller? Or even Michelle Pfeiffer squaring off against the depraved genius of Hannibal Lecter? In most cases, we’re glad these actors who turned down huge roles decided to say “no” because the finished movie ended up pretty close to perfect without them.