1. Abnormally low body temperature.
2. I broke it 5 min later. gingerchrismc Which reminds me of a great poem: roses are red, hypothermia is blue, my legs are so cold, let me wrap them around you directorscup Full 'Hypothermia' Cast, Start of Principal Photography donwood @theworkroomNYC It is poor Ben Forsester that got the short straw. #hypothermia dillonkuehner @dayshabass Will be there unless I get hypothermia on the way/in line!
3. Otherwise the only way to prevent hypothermia is to stay in the tent.
4. I don't know that we will ever know the answer for sure to this, but a lot are pointing to this treatment known as hypothermia, which is cooling down the spinal cord and cooling down of the bloodstream.