This Untouched 1890s Farmhouse Is Like Stepping Into the Past


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They sure don’t make houses like they used to. That’s what we learned when viewing photographs of an 1890s farmhouse that hasn’t been touched in almost 130 years.

Anne Taylor, a photographer, took a tour of the massive, 6-bedroom home in Moreland, Georgia. Capturing stunning images of both the outside and inside, Taylor shows the sturdy structure the home was built upon. According to Eternally Sunny, the home is 4,552 square feet and sits on a five and a half acre plot of beautiful green farmland.


Let’s take a tour to show how they really don’t make homes like this anymore.

From the outside, you can some wear on the old 1890s farmhouse, but it’s still remarkably preserved.

As photographer Anne Taylor drew closer to the home, you can start to see the real beauty of the structure.

The detailing on the porch is stunning.

It looks like a former home owner added in this brown-paneled kitchen area, but the original white walls all remain.

We just love the natural light that comes in through the many windows.

We see more of the downstairs here. The fireplaces look like they were closed off at some point.

Let’s take a look upstairs!

The green really gives this room some character!

Let’s take a look at the attic!

With little work and insulation, this becomes a whole new living space!

Having so many windows really creates a beautiful, sunny space.

Who wouldn’t want to enjoy a warm morning coffee on this porch?

After 130 years, we’d still want to live here.

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